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DOCS: Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong (Body Image)
‘Body Image’ is a four-part series of full-length documentaries exploring modern body issues.
Part 4 – ‘Cosmetic Surgery Gone Wrong’ – tells the tale of a selection of ordinary people who underwent plastic surgery, but for whom the results were disappointing, devastating… or even deadly:

– 42-year-old television reporter Mary Nissenson was left with nerve damage and in chronic, crushing pain following a face lift.
– Jane Verdeck, 50, wanted to erase sun damage and wrinkles, but ended up severely burned when carbon dioxide laser skin resurfacing went horribly awry.
– A massive bacterial infection after Lasik eye surgery almost rendered David Hart blind.
– 27-year-old Jody Canter and 38-year-old Leah Carlson both sought liposuction and ended up with poor results: Jody’s case was fixable, but Leah almost lost her legs and is still paying for her choice five years later.
– When Judy, the wife of Ruben Fernandez, died after 12 hours on the liposuction surgery table, grief drove him to fight for new laws governing cosmetic surgery safety.
– Finally, we hear from Jeanette Bernal, a Cuban immigrant who was a victim of unlicensed doctor Reinaldo Sylvestri – who operated in Florida, where a disturbingly high incidence of cosmetic surgery deaths occur…

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21 Responses to Cosmetic Surgery

  • wow this shows how lazy some people are.
    If you want to lose fat you should eat healthy and exercise. 

  • Made me kinda doubtful on whether I should get a liposuction on my
    lovehandles or not

  • When will people ever accept their looks 

  • People with low self esteem does this. Burn those witches, burn them alive.

  • no sympathy. its their decision so they should have understood the risks.

  • Judging by those mullets you can tell these are from the 90s no need to
    keep asking, just look at what they’re wearing. 

  • Why do they complain, they deserve it

  • I’m sorry to sound rude and mean, But the first chick’s slim so it’s pure
    vanity, second needed to diet not pay for the fat to be removed, I am sorry
    but vanity sickens me and this is what it boils down to. The
    Lust for beauty. 

  • Ppl forget to thank God for their able bodies everyday. Worried about a
    face lift, thigh lift, boob lift, etc. What they need is a lift to their
    mind & soul. How dare ppl go chop n snip n fill their bodies & destroy what
    they were born with. Others are born with deformities, missing limbs, &
    some don’t even have a good plate of food to eat in one day in parts of the
    world. People have forgotten to be THANKFUL & APPRECIATE what they have. 

  • Damn how old is this documentary? Did y’all see that computer she was

  • I honestly feel bad for the people who’ve lost their lives or had their
    lives changed negatively due to plastic surgery, and I really hate the
    doctors who do reckless things without proper training, or are simply
    “experimenting” or whatever… But at the end of the day, they chose this.
    They knew there’d be risks, and it’s the people who think “oh, it’s okay.
    It’ll never happen to me” who are impacted most. Maybe a surgery has a 99%
    success rate… Well guess what? You may be that 1%. Instead of taking the
    easy way out, they could’ve worked hard for weight loss, or tried to
    embrace their natural face.
    Nothing comes without risks.

  • Do you ever wonder why most eye doctors wear glasses, and the hair doctors
    are bald? Just a thought…

  • If you’re getting cosmetic surgery for aesthetics and you mess your self
    up, I honestly won’t feel sorry for you.

  • Instead of spending thousands of dollars why not just work out ? Working
    out it so good for you body and makes you stronger and healthier and gives
    you a feeling of accomplishment it’s really not that hard people are so

  • People can easily accept themselves.However it is MEDIA that creates beauty
    standards. It’s media’s propoganda that help people not to accpet
    themselves.Society itself is brainwashed to think of beauty standards. It
    is true that inner beauty is more beautiful than outer one. Do
    relationships last long because of your beauty, or because of your
    character? Remember that everyone are fearfully and wonderfully made.
    (Psalm 139:13-14 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in
    my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
    Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.) Do not care what
    people say. Your character is what matters.
    Don’t hate each other. Love each other, even your enemies. (sorry for bad
    english) Cheers !!!

  • I had to close my eyes for most of this doc, seriously! those long needle
    like tubes going back and forth under the skin….. UGH…… made me
    cringe.. especially at 9:44 dear god!! very sad and unfortunate she
    was not compensated for it. I hope this is a wake up call to people who are
    too lazy to exercise the fat off instead of going in for these procedures.

  • and THAT is why i will never get plastic surgery unless its like a really
    good one like michael jacksons or lady gagas. and even then i’ll choose the
    one that will get the least screwed up. And thats IF i get it.

  • You know that everything is vanity. For example, the doctor who is doing
    the hair transplant is actually almost bald and looks great! Here he is
    performing hair replacements on men who have a lot more hair on their

  • All the tech is high-tech but those computers are Stone Age 

  • The stigma against plastic surgery needs to stop. Unless you have felt the
    feeling of hating a part of your body for years and have had your self
    esteem crushed because of it, shut your mouth. If someone has the
    opportunity to finally feel happy in their own skin, why /not/ take it? The
    only thing I don’t accept is liposuction because you could easily lose fat
    with exercise and diet. 

  • Watching this makes me almost more sure that I’ll never get lasik. I’ll
    deal with my contacts, thanks.

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