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Define Your Beauty at Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center
At Nikko Cosmetic Surgery Center, the ultimate goal is to exceed each patient’s expectations by providing the most advanced technology in Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX. Dr. Nikko is highly renowned for conducting Breast Augmentation procedures utilizing a unique and Scarless technique to achieve the most natural look Breast Enlargement without leaving a scar on the breast, a stigma often seen in Breast Augmentation. He is also distinguished for his Buttock Augmentation via FAMI- Fat Transfer technique that includes the latest technology in auto grafting fat transfer to restore volume in the buttock. Dr. Nikko’s “no-stitch” Tummy Tuck technique is distinguished among Plastic Surgeons in Houston for the non-visible scar and perfectly-shaped belly buttons. Liposuction is another of Dr. Nikko areas of expertise, utilizing the tumescent liposuction procedure to remove stubborn fat from the lower layers of the skin and allowing to restore the curves and definition of the body. For more information visit

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