First Aid Level 2

Pt 1: “Level 2” First Aid Kit Review by Nutnfancy
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My experiences in the outdoors led me to my Level 2 First Aid Kit concept. More capable in depth and breadth than my also-reviewed “Level 1” First Aid Kit, my Level 2 kit will weigh more and be bulkier but can better handle medium medical emergencies. The kit shown focuses on capabilities in ROL (Rule of Law) situations where the priority is to stabilize the patient and effect transport to better facilities and care (when necessary). In group or vehicular outings, the increased size and weight of a typical Level 2 is more do-able. Similar to the Level 1, this kit still has an emphasis on stemming blood loss, disinfecting, pain stoppage, wound dressing, and bandage exchange. Size and weight are still players in this 5 lb kit and I don’t achieve the capabilities of Level 3 or Paramedic-level lifesaving kit. As I say in the vid, that type of kit requires medical training and its use comes with extra liability and concerns as a first responder. However I have the Level 2 kit shown has handled my encountered medical situations adequately and absolutely blows away any other kits I’ve encountered along this POU. Components of the kit and the foundational “Nutnfancy” philosophies involved are explained. An annotated list of my typical Level 2 Kit may be forthcoming (another project!). Compared to even a quality first aid kit, like ones from Adventure Medical Kits this version has more depth i.e. multiples of common use items which can better handle longer duration scenarios. It is difficult for makers like AMK to make kits to this level because of the markedly elevated cost in doing so (and then they won’t sell well because of that). As noted, my kits are transitional in nature and will include improved medical technologies that have merit and can improve or simplify my treatment capabilities. Handling medical emergencies on your adventures is your responsibility and help may be far away. You will also find that few people even carry a First Aid kit with this much capability and you will be the on-site medical expert since you’re prepared (been there). Having such a kit will minimize pain, injury, and maybe even save a life… possibly yours. Be prepared.,